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Would you rather have someone monitoring your home from your own community, or from some town out in Texas?

The Seacoast Security monitoring station is located at our Rockport facility.  At this monitoring station, we have state-of-the-art alarm monitoring receivers and a monitoring automation system that provides our customers with reliable 24/7 monitoring from our local facility.

Other alarm dealers say that they provide monitoring to their customers.  However, unlike Seacoast Security, these dealers often subcontract the monitoring to large wholesale monitoring companies out of state.  You can rest assured that Seacoast understands your needs.

We also offer various types of monitoring:

  • Traditional alarm transmission over phone lines
  • Mesh radio system
  • GSM radio or IP alarm transmission
  • Burglary devices
  • Fire alarm devices
  • Medical alert devices
  • Environmental devices, such as low/high temperature alarms, water detection, pump failures, carbon monoxide, and much more

At Seacoast, we are committed to keeping you and your property safe and secure in every possible situation.

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