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This is a question we’re often asked by people looking for the right security and monitoring systems for their homes.  Quite simply, the answer is “yes.”
The wireless system we provide to customers is called SeaCatch.  SeaCatch Wireless Video Security is a system convenient enough to go where ever you need it… even if there aren’t phone or electrical connections.  Specifically designed for remote locations, SeaCatch is great for summer homes, cabins, camps, construction sites, boats, RVs, vacant properties, storage sheds, and more.  This system is easy to install, cameras can be mounted anywhere, and the system sends a brief, real time video clip to the Seacoast Security monitoring team.  One of our trained monitoring dispatchers will view the clip and take the necessary course of action.  Thanks to these video clips, false alarms are virtually eliminated.  The video clip can also be sent to your email at the same time our dispatchers see it, so you are aware of what we see.


Want more information about SeaCatch?  Give us a call at (207) 236-4876 and learn more about wireless security and monitoring for your property.

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