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Scrap metal theft is a major problem that many companies face.  Scrap metal thieves often look for copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, nickel, platinum, and bronze.  These metals are valuable when they are sold to scrap metal dealers who arrange for the metal to be melted and reshaped for other uses.  Gold and silver are also metals that attract thieves, though such material can retain its original shape and still be considered valuable.

Scrap metal theft is considered a major theft-and-sale property problem.  It can be harmful and expensive for a number of reasons: replacing metal components, repairing damaged equipment, reimbursing customers, and covering lost revenue can seriously cripple a company.

For these reasons, we recommend companies and small businesses invest in video surveillance and monitoring systems to prevent theft.  The SeaCatch Wireless Video System is a monitoring system that can be installed anywhere; it is the perfect set of eyes for your property!  Our monitoring is also done locally, which means you will have the fastest response to the authorities performed by a nearby security company.

Call Seacoast Security for more information on video surveillance, monitoring, or SeaCatch.  We can help secure your company’s property from scrap metal thieves and any other trespassers.

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