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When you think of a monitoring device, your first thought is probably a video camera, surveyed by hidden security guards watching your every move.  The truth is there are a wide range of monitoring devices for all types of situations.  Here are some of the monitoring devices Seacoast Security offers:

  • Basic Alarm System Monitoring – When the alarm is tripped, the system will notify our Central Station of an intrusion, and we will notify the appropriate authorities.

  • Low Temperature Monitoring Systems – Low indoor temperatures lead to burst pipes and potential water damage.  When the indoor temperature drops to a dangerously low level, your system will notify our Central Station and we will contact you with any concerns.

  • Medical Alert Monitoring – For seniors living on their own, medical alert systems bring peace of mind and a greater sense of safety for many individuals.  When the alarm is set off, our monitoring team is quick to get help to our customers.

  • Remote Access Monitoring – We’ll monitor your home, but you can too!  Systems like Honeywell’s Total Connect allow our customers to see activity in their home and receive mobile notifications about any suspicious activity.

  • Elevator Phone Monitoring – For companies with elevator services, we offer installation and monitoring of emergency phones.  Our team at the Central Station will quickly respond to any elevator-related emergencies, keeping your customers as safe as possible in your building.

  • Mesh Radio Monitoring – The most reliable form of communication is through mesh radio networks.  We offer monitoring systems through systems like our SeaNet Mesh Radio System, offering the best possible means of communication with our Central Station.

  • Video Alarm System Monitoring – Systems like our SeaCatch Video Alarm System allow our customers to install wireless cameras anywhere on their property.  When an intrusion is detected, the system alerts our Central Station and will also send you an email with a video clip of the activity captured on camera.

For more information on our monitoring systems, please contact Seacoast Security.  We would be happy to help you find the right monitoring system for you and your property.  You can also request a quote through our website.

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