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Have you noticed the additional services that some cell phone providers are beginning to offer?

Verizon Wireless, possibly the largest cell phone provider in the United States, also offers security and monitoring services through their cell phone network.  Similar to Honeywell’s Total Connect system, Verizon’s remote access system allows users to unlock doors, arm and disarm systems, or program thermostats from their Smartphones or iPhones.  Verizon also offers commercial security systems for small, medium, and large businesses.

Imagine the convenience!  Your cell phone carrier may not only provide you with communication wherever you go, but it also helps you secure your property too!  We’re thinking this may be too good to be true, and here’s why:

  • Monitoring is done out-of-state.  When cell phone companies offer home monitoring services, their monitoring services are likely out-of-state.  Communication between the security system and your security provider gets complicated when this happens, and time is lost when you and your property need it the most.
  • When your system goes down, they send subcontractors to fix it.  Companies who use subcontractors do not often understand the needs of each customer.  Small security businesses like Seacoast Security will work hard to make sure your security system functions properly and understands your needs.
  •  Systems are cell based.  Many security companies offer systems that are cell phone based.  However, there are more reliable systems that companies who are exclusively in the security business, like Seacoast Security, can offer customers.
  • Monthly fees.  Like many large corporations that sell security systems, many cell phone providers charge monthly fees on top of their installation fees.  It’s a proprietary fee, which means that your system isn’t really your own.  When you buy a system from a small security system business, your system becomes your property.

When you invest in a security system, find a company that is an expert in the field.  With Seacoast Security, your system is monitored in the state of Maine and we send our own technicians out to resolve any issues that arise.  For more information, call our Central Office in Rockport at (207)-236-4876.

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