In Seacoast Security

What are the most important things to remember when it comes to providing good customer service?

  • Effective Listening.  Giving a customer your total and undivided attention shows that you care about them.  At Seacoast Security, we sit down with each of our customers, ask questions, and listen to our customers’ requests in order to determine the best system for them.
  • Identifying customers’ needs.  We do not offer security systems off-the-shelf; our suggestions are based on each of our customers’ individual needs and individual budgets.  At Seacoast Security, we’ll find you the perfect security system to best protect your assets.
  • Helping customers as often as necessary… and sometimes more than necessary!  If there is a problem with your security system, we will help discover why the problem is happening and how to best correct.  At Seacoast Security, our technicians go to many lengths to help our customers with installations, answering questions, and solving problems.  Our customers also know that they can call our offices whenever they have a question about their systems.  Our customers’ safety is our priority; we work hard to give customers peace-of-mind that their property is secure.
  • Receiving feedback.  Seacoast customers are our greatest voices.  We value feedback about services and use it to improve our operations.

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