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Katie Tarbox of Spruce Head, ME had a Honeywell Total Connect video surveillance system installed for her home by Seacoast Security.  Initially, the security system was intended to protect her home and her property from intruders, but she recently discovered another use for the system when her son’s cat went missing.

Katie was cat-sitting for her son while he and his family were away.  “The cats are very precious to him,” Katie told us.  One day, Katie and her husband noticed that they had not seen one of the two cats all day.  Because these cats are so important to their son, they started to get worried.  However, a thought occurred to Katie as they searched the house.  “He hides really good.  I bet a door was left open.”  This led her to check the surveillance log on her Total Connect system.

Sure enough, they saw the cat on the surveillance video, happy as could be, leave the house and go out into the garage.  Since the cat was so good at hiding, they were even unable to find him when they looked around the garage.  However, they now knew where the cat was thanks to their Total Connect system.  The next time they saw the cat in person, he was meowing at the garage door to be let back into the house a day later.

This experience made Katie realize how many other uses her Total Connect system has for her home and her family.  “Not only is it good to protect your home, but it also help you keep track of what’s going on,” Katie said.

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