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As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, you’re probably starting to make plans to see relatives and loved ones for the holidays.  Before you pack up and leave town for a few days, remember these security-related “Dos” and “Don’ts” to protect your home from a break-in:

  • Don’t share your travel plans on social networks. Sites like Facebook and Twitter spread news faster than any other form of communication. Keep you travel plans to yourself so fewer people know that you are away.
  • Do have the post office hold your mail or ask a neighbor to collect your mail. A too-full mailbox indicates that no one is home.  If you’re planning to be gone for longer than three days, make the necessary arrangements to hold your mail or have someone you trust pick it up for you.
  • Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows. This may seem like an obvious tip, but every once in awhile you may forget to lock one of your first floor windows or the back door. Even if you aren’t traveling very far, check all of your entryways before leaving the house.
  • Do Secure or Lock-up your valuables. Burglars will often look through windows to see if any valuables have been left in plain sight. They also know where common hiding places are located for certain possessions.  Conceal your valuables in creative locations, take them with you when you go away or secure them in a locked safe.
  • Don’t hide your key in an obvious place. Your “Welcome” mat is the first place a burglar will look for a key. The best option is to leave a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor.
  • Do consider a monitored security system. If a burglar notes that your home has a monitored surveillance system, they will most likely move on to a different home.  You can rest assured that your home is monitored within the same area.  Many of Seacoast Security’s systems also include video technology that allows homeowners to check on their homes from mobile devices, such as Honeywell’s Total Connect Video and Remote Services. This convenience adds peace of mind as well as additional security for many homeowners.

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