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It can be difficult to impossible to predict the weather in New England. While it may be beautiful one day, it may quickly turn to torrential rain or damaging wind without notice. Winter in the northeast poses additional concerns with low temperatures causing pipes to freeze. For business and homeowners, extreme weather can mean damage to or even loss of property and potentially high costs to repair.

As we’ve seen in recent years, New England and the northeast are not immune to large-scale storms that produce flash floods, hurricane force winds, debilitating blizzards and subzero temperatures. However, many business and homeowners don’t realize that they can protect their property by installing Flood, Furnace, Power Outage and Low Temperature Monitoring Systems in their buildings.

With these monitoring services in place, business and homeowners can rest assured knowing that they will be alerted in the event their property is in threat of flood, power outage or low temperature damage. In the case of flood monitoring, sensors are placed in areas most likely to see the first signs of flooding to notify you quickly of an emergency. Low temperature monitors signal when the internal temperature of the building reaches a predetermined low. Furnace monitors notify of furnace failure so that you can take action to prevent pipes from freezing. Power outage monitoring will alert you when power has been lost at your location, giving you the ability to notify your electricity provider and hook up back up power to systems that require it.

Weather in New England can be unpredictable, but with a flood, temperature, furnace and power outage monitors from Seacoast Security, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be prepared.

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