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Halloween is a great time for folks to have fun, dress up and celebrate the wonderful fall season. However, it’s not always a treat for home and business owners when they find themselves the victim of the not-so-welcome tricks.

Here are some ways you can avoid having your home or business damaged or vandalized during the Halloween season.

Limit objects outside of your home or business.

If you’re going to be away from home, or your business is closed during prime trick-or-treating hours, put as many movable objects as you can inside the building. Objects like chairs, tables, lawn ornaments and other items that could easily be stolen or damaged should be secured. If you have the ability to park your vehicle inside the garage, this can prevent costly damage to your car.

Use motion sensors.

Using these spotlights can deter vandals from choosing your home. Make sure that sensors are set up around the perimeter of the home.

Lock doors and windows.

This may seem obvious, but burglars will survey an entire building looking for that one window you may have missed.

Remember that Halloween is the perfect time for pranksters to canvas an entire neighborhood looking for homes and businesses to target as the streets are filled with trick-or-treaters. Be sure to keep your home or business safe with a security system from Seacoast Security.

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