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With Halloween begin us, the holiday season has kicked into high gear and that means home and business owners should be on high alert for vandalism and break-ins.

The holidays tend to see a spike in theft and burglaries for a number of reasons; families are often away from their homes visiting friends and family and many businesses close down for the holidays. This presents opportunities for thieves to break into homes and businesses.

What can you do to prevent your home or business from being the victim of a burglary?

For homeowners, do not broadcast holiday trips and vacations over social network sites or on your outdoing answering machine or voicemail. This simple act alerts anyone that is looking that you will be away from home and for how long.

For home and business owners, check the batteries and electrical plugs for smoke alarms and appliances. If an appliance is not necessary, unplug it while you’re away. Make sure that security systems and cameras are working properly.

Consider what you have in your home. There may be a safe, jewelry, electronics and other valuables; during the holidays the number of valuables increases with gifts being stored in closets and under beds.

Home and business security systems not only provide you the peace of mind you need while spending the holidays with loved ones, they can also protect you and your family in the event your home or business is targeted.

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