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For those who are fortunate enough to be able to run a business, it can be demanding, exhausting and life consuming, at the best of times. Running a business is similar to a tight-rope act in which the smallest disturbance, such as burglary or theft, can upset the delicate balance.

How do you know that when you lock the door to go home at night, your business is going to be safe until your return? And what can you do to help reduce the threat of retail theft or burglary?

During the busy holiday season, these concerns are often amplified by an increase in store traffic and some people’s desperation to steal money and merchandise.

Here are some tips to protect your business from burglary during the holidays.

  • Be sure to light all outdoor entry points with permanent lighting fixtures that are difficult to reach.
  • Light the interior of your business enough so that some outside can see if someone is inside the business during off hours.
  • Install window locks that are designed so they cannot be reached and unlocked after breaking the windows.
  • Add motion detectors inside the building.
  • Install a security system that alarms when windows are broken or if doors are opened.
  • Make sure that each exterior door has a dead bolt lock or latch.

Taking these steps and ensuring your business security system is up-to-date and fully functional will allow you to breathe easier this holiday season.

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