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For working parents, the school year can be a stressful time while they’re at work and their children are at home.  While the number of so-called latchkey children in the United States has dropped by 40% since 1997, as is shown by recent U.S. census data, many families still rely on their children being able to stay home alone safely after school.

According to Martha Erickson, former director of the University of Minnesota’s Children, Youth and Family Consortium, A growing fear of “stranger danger” and other perceived threats to children’s safety make parents less likely to leave their kids unsupervised.

Fortunately, there is a solution. The Total Connect monitoring system provides an easy way to keep an eye on your home and its precious contents right from the app on your mobile device so that you know your children are safe.

Here are some ways you can use your Total Connect home monitoring system to make sure your kids are safe when they’re home alone.

Notification of arrival

By giving your child an individual user code to enter the home, you will be notified by text message when the child has arrived home. You can also choose to receive visual confirmation by having a video of home entry sent to you.

Overhead view

Using security cameras, the Total Connect home monitoring system allows you to keep an “eye in the sky” so you know that your child is safe. A camera by the door will show you that they’ve arrived. Additional cameras can show you that they are using kitchen equipment safely or that no one else has entered the home while they are there.

Prepare home lights and temperature for children when they get home

During the winter, you can use the Total Connect system app from your mobile deice to make sure your outdoor lights are on and that your home is up to temperature when your children arrive.

The Total Connect home monitoring system offers all the comforts of knowing that your family is safe at home, while you’re not able to be there. By giving you the freedom to monitor and control your home security system on your mobile device, you’ll get the peace of mind that every parent should have.

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