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Black Friday is just around the corner. As a store owner, you’ll be eagerly awaiting this busiest shopping day of the year the day after Thanksgiving.

As you prepare for the rush, you need to plan every detail to make the most out of this excellent opportunity. You’ll want to snag as many consumers as possible. Be sure to protect yourself from thieves and vandals when the rush of shoppers hits your door.

Make Sure You Have Video Surveillance

In addition to giving yourself the opportunity to view all areas of your store, you can have a security service monitor your location as well. When you are in bed for the night, your cameras and a reputable company like Seacoast Security will be on the case to take care of you. Post prominent signs that say you have surveillance.

Check Your Alarm System and All Entrances

Make sure your alarm system is working properly. Don’t overlook all points of entry. Check your locks and make sure everything is secure. You don’t want to leave any opportunity for robbers looking for an easy way to make a dollar at your expense.

Consider Hiring a Security Guard

There may not be a need for security personnel on a year-round basis in your business. However, it could provide you with a significant advantage during a hectic Black Friday. It’s easy for your inventory to get lost in the shuffle.

Give yourself an extra pair of eyes and an employee with the sole purpose of standing watch over your store. If you can’t justify the added expenditure for a security guard, beef up your staff during the holiday season. Maintain a watchful presence at all times as employees circulate throughout the store. While some staff members are manning the registers, others can assist customers and keep a keen eye for any attempts at theft.

Let the Professionals be Your Guide

If you are looking for ways to provide your business with additional protection, ask the experts at Seacoast Security to assist you. With nearly four decades in the business of making homes and commercial properties secure, this family-owned company makes your security a top priority. Review a wide range of products and ask for advice when it comes to securing your premises during the holiday shopping season. Seacoast Security is committed to offering you solutions that will work best for you.

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