Our monitoring center is part of our Rockport office.

The center is designed to meet the rigid standards required to maintain an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing. From Rockport, we provide customers with reliable monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The dispatchers monitor the alarm systems for customers. They understand the signals received from protected homes and businesses and are trained to react by calling the premise, calling a designated third party or by calling the appropriate emergency responder. Our team also provides basic troubleshooting to help the customers arm or disarm their security systems. If necessary dispatchers will create service work orders or dispatch the on-call technician to assist in solving technical issues.

When dispatchers receive a burglar alarm or residential fire signal, they will call the premises and try to verify the alarm. This helps save on nuisance alarms and avoids unnecessary emergency dispatches.

By having a local monitoring center the customers are dealing with local people in the dispatch center who know our communities and are aware of what is happening in the area with weather, power outages or other issues that may affect the alarm system. While many alarm dealers mention that they provide monitoring for their customers, they usually subcontract to large, wholesale monitoring companies out of state.

Through our monitoring system, we offer:

  • Basic alarm system monitoring
  • Open and Closing Services
  • Emailed activity reports
  • BoldNet Access
  • Medical alert monitoring
  • Elevator phone monitoring
    • Water level and power supervision monitoring
    • Low Temperature and Furnace Failure monitoring
    • Remote access control management

Kim Stambaugh

Kim Stambaugh
Central Station Manager

Kim started working for Seacoast Security in September 1986. She was hired as a part-time dispatcher in the monitoring station. Throughout her time here at Seacoast, she has been promoted up through the levels of Central Station, reaching her current status of Central Station Manager. Kim enjoys working with the customers and making sure all their monitoring needs are met. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, especially her new grandson, and also loves to travel.

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