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It’s just about that time.  The air is starting to chill and people are storing away the shorts and T-shirts.  The leaves are beginning to change from lush green to more vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds.  Yes, summer is on its way out the door and the cooler months are moving in.

This means it’s about time to start talking about the necessary monitoring systems for your home, starting with low temperature monitoring.  One thing that Seacoast Security finds very important is the need to protect homes from more than just criminals; far too many homes are damaged every year as a result of the interior temperature dropping, which can cause pipes to burst and water to ruin properties.

If you have already started thinking about low temperature monitoring for your home or office, great!  That’s the first step.  However, you should know what you’re getting yourself into, and understand some very important things about low temp monitoring.

  • A low temperature device should be installed in each heating zone.
  • Detectors should be placed in critical areas that could freeze first.
  • Always have a water detector installed in addition to the low temperature monitoring devices.  If a pipe freezes and bursts, water will run down and damage your home.  Some pipes in outside or knee walls can freeze before a low temperature alarm is signaled.  The water detector will back up the low temp monitor, saving you from significant water damage.
  • Consider a furnace flame-out device.  This device signals that the furnace is down.  Since this is a primary source of heat for many buildings, this will be one of the first indications that the temperature is going to drop in your home or office.  Seacoast Security can recommend a vendor for this device or work with your current provider.

Do you set your temperature back when you are away for the winter or if you’re traveling for the holiday to save money?  If so, you have lowered the time frame from heat lost to frozen pipes.  Seacoast can provide you with peace of mind by taking protective measures to prevent frozen pipes and water damage.

We can offer you more information about low temperature monitoring, as well as water detecting and furnace flame-out devices.  When it comes to your property, don’t take chances.  If your home or office is at risk for damage due to low temperatures, call Seacoast Security for a quote.

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