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We hear the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a much snowier winter this year.  Power outages will likely be more frequent than they were last year during our mild winter.  We’d like to know: If your power goes out, will your security system go down with it?

We know that Maine winters can be pretty harsh.  If your system is connected through your cell phone, the network will most likely go down in a storm.  Though landlines are fairly reliable, they also frequently go down in harsh winds and snow.  If this is the case, how will you know that your security system is still up and running?  Luckily, Seacoast Security provides SeaNet, a radio monitored system, that will survive any power outage, even if your landline phone is down.

With SeaNet, the communication line between your property and our hubs will always be up… which means your property will always be protected!  We’re here to help you, no matter what the weather!  Stop by one of our offices to learn more about this reliable security system!

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