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In this day and age, as cell phones become the primary means of telephone communication, traditional landline phones are less necessary.  Some people have even reached the point where the only other people who call the landline phone are telemarketers… And we all know how annoying telemarketers can be!

So how do people justify paying two telephone bills?  For those people living in remote parts of Maine and New Hampshire, where cell phone service is scarce, a landline is absolutely necessary.  Those individuals who rarely use their landline phones may consider getting rid of them in order to save money.

However, there’s still that lingering concern that your cell phone just won’t cut it when an actual emergency occurs.  What if the nearest cell tower goes down in a major snowstorm?  Or what if a nearby burglar uses a cell phone jammer to cripple your ability to call for help after they break in?

At Seacoast Security, we have a solution.  Why not cut ties with your landline telephone company and opt for the most secure, reliable communication method?  We recommend installing the SeaNet Mesh Radio System for your home, which gives you the fastest communication in the event of an emergency.  This system is monitored 24/7 and contacts our central monitoring system in 3-4 seconds when it is triggered.

Want to invest in a communication method that is more reliable than an extra phone line?  Contact Seacoast Security for more information about SeaNet at (207)-236-4876 or request a quote here.

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