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When you cancel your phone service or place it on seasonal service with your phone company, your alarm system could be affected.  In the event of a burglary, a fire, or the occasion of critically low temperature inside your home, vital information communicated from your alarm system may not reach us.  Many alarm systems’ primary means of communication is your telephone line, which sends the information from your property to us.  If the phone line cannot dial out, we will not receive the information. This leaves your property at risk.

To ensure that your alarm system communicates properly, we recommend adding our SeaNet Mesh Radio to your alarm system.  Because SeaNet uses radio communication, it does not require a phone line to send your system’s alarm signals to us. This allows you to cancel your traditional phone service without affecting your Seacoast system.

Find out more about our SeaNet Mesh Radio System here, or give us a call for more information by calling (800)-654-8800, Ext. 4803.


Written by: Paul Dunham, Monitoring Operations Manager at Seacoast Security

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