In Small Business Security

Spring and summer are popular times of the year for fire alarm monitoring system inspections.  Schools are mostly empty, small businesses are gearing up for a busy summer season.  Here are some reasons why we recommend scheduling your inspection as soon as possible:

  • Summer is very busy.  Since so many businesses want to conduct inspections during the summer, it is important for you, as a building owner, to schedule early to reserve a date that works best for you.
  • If you put it off, you could forget about it.  It is the building owner’s responsibility to have their system inspected annually by Maine law.  Many businesses sign up for our Annual Inspection Program.  When the inspection approaches, Seacoast Security will notify the business owner that it is time for their annual fire alarm inspection.  To learn more about signing up your business for this program, contact our office.
  • Ensure that a qualified technician will be there to inspect your system.  Seacoast Security’s technicians have the qualifications and experience to conduct your fire system inspections, provide the appropriate maintenance, and properly test your system that meet the requirements laid out by the State of Maine Fire Marshal’s Office and the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®).  Scheduling your inspection well in advance will give you peace of mind knowing that this important, protective measure is taken to help your property.

For more information about Seacoast Security’s Fire System Inspections, visit our web page or call our service department at (800) 654-8800, extension 4801.

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