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Asking the Right Questions to Avoid Growing Pains

Your business is your baby, and when it matures from a back room in your home to a suite of offices or its own property, you want to continue nurturing it and protecting it from harm.

Just like a child, your small business has changing needs, but learning how to upgrade security to meet those needs doesn’t have to be a part of the growing pains. Here are some things to look for when considering security upgrades for your small business or office.

Asset Protection

Keeping your business safe starts with an inventory of your assets. Take a look at what you have and where it’s located to determine what type of security to consider.

• Do you keep a physical inventory of products or do you offer a service?

• Is your business located in an office building, a mall, or a free-standing structure?

• Do you keep money or credit card machines on site?

• Are there company vehicles to keep track of?

Door and window sensors alert you to physical security breaches and can be helpful in protecting inventory, supplies, office furniture and anything else physically located within the business walls. For businesses located within another structure, motion sensors can supplement other security measures. Alarm monitoring and video surveillance can assist in deterring theft and damage both indoors and outdoors.

Employee Protection

Whether your small business consists of a few family members or dozens of employees, keeping track of who enters and when is an integral part of your security solution.

• Does more than one person have a key to the facility?

• Is everyone allowed in all areas, or are there restricted areas?

• Are there any areas with toxic chemicals, cleaning supplies or mechanical equipment?

Access control is a wonderful method of keeping your employees safe from harm, granting or restricting access to certain employees or areas and keeping tabs on payroll information. Many access control systems can also be integrated with video surveillance to do double-duty as a security measure.

Data and Equipment Protection

Data protection isn’t just relegated to the IT department. Computers and other electronic devices need protection from moisture and extreme temperatures. Does your small business use:

• Computers, laptops, tablets or cell phones?

• Desk phones, walkie-talkies, 2-way radios or GPS equipment?

• Audio, visual, or recording equipment?

• Cash registers, copy machines, scanners or printers?

• Any other specialized electronic or mechanical equipment?

High- and low-temperature monitoring can alert you to temperature extremes before costly damage and data loss occurs. Specialized fire alarm systems can also provide protection from loss and damage.

Protecting your business doesn’t have to be painful. Ask questions and give us a call to help you make an informed decision when updating your small business security needs.

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