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Blockbuster Ideas for Staying Safe on Vacation

Staying safe on vacation doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar production, but you can take a few cues from movie blockbusters to make your vacation one you’ll want to remember. Here are a few pointers to think like a superstar and keep yourself and your belongings secure during your vacation.

Do Your Research

The hero never goes into battle unprepared. Whether you’re traveling to exotic lands, staying in a luxury hotel or hiking in the mountains, know your surroundings and the dangers they may hide. Ask a few quick questions about local conditions and prepare accordingly.

Before you travel, make sure your healthcare is up to date, including prescriptions and vaccinations. For outdoor destinations, remember to pack sunscreen, bug repellent and any other first aid the destination calls for. Make plans to stay hydrated with bottled water or a hydration backpack. Don’t travel alone, and always carry emergency backup communication, such as flares or a cell phone.

Think like a Super Hero

You don’t have to wear a utility belt and a cape, but keeping your valuables to a minimum and close to your body prevents easy access for thieves. Only carry what you need and leave the rest in a secure place, like the hotel safe.

Avoid bags and purses with long shoulder straps that could easily be grabbed. Opt for “fanny pack” type wearable bags with zippered pockets to keep your valuables safe, preferably slimmer versions worn under your clothing next to your body. This not only keeps your money and credit cards out of sight, but also keeps you from setting them down and leaving them. When everything is tucked away into zippered pockets, you don’t have to worry about articles falling out or getting “picked” out of your pocket.

Employ a Decoy

For wallets and cell phones, carry a cheap decoy version instead of your regular ones. Keep only a minimum amount of cash and no identification in the wallet. If you get mugged, you can give the mugger the decoy wallet, get away and not suffer the loss of your credit cards or traveling documents. Put your SIM card in a cheap phone that only has calling and texting capabilities. You’ll still be able to call and text from your number, but you won’t lose your expensive phone, apps or sensitive information if the phone is lost or stolen.

Be a Little Suspicious

You know that part in every scary movie where everyone in the theater is pleading with the young starlet to run the other way? It may be less of a gut instinct and more a matter of common sense on the big screen, but regardless of where you vacation, if you get that “don’t go up the stairs” feeling, follow your gut and take a different route. Take the same approach with people. If you suddenly meet a new “friend” who’s a little too friendly, protect yourself and your belongings and walk the other way. Your wallet and your memories will thank you.

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