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Flowers or a nice dinner out make great Mother’s Day gifts, but nothing could compare to giving a gift that will help your mom stay safe in the years to come. If you’ve been considering a monitoring service, now is the time to get started. Don’t wait until after a major emergency occurs to discuss the option with your mom. Mother’s Day is an excellent time to show how much you care.

Independent Senior Living: Avoiding an Emergency

If you have an aging parent who lives alone, you’re probably used to worrying. Even if you check in every day and visit regularly, things can still happen. What if an emergency were to occur, and you couldn’t get there in time? One in three people over the age of 65 will experience a major fall every year, and if any of those falls result in a broken bone, the person could end up trapped in their home, unable to call for help. A study by the Centers for Disease Control found that a senior is treated for injuries related to a fall every 18 seconds. Every 35 seconds, a senior dies from one of those injuries, the study said. That’s scary stuff.

Installing a Mother’s Day alarm system will eliminate this worry. With an alert system from Seacoast Security, our monitoring team is instantly alerted whenever an alarm goes off. If there’s a threat to your mom, we will get help on the way fast.

A Medical Alert System Brings Peace of Mind: How to Convince Mom

Your mom is an independent senior, which means she might resist the idea of having a medical alert system installed. You can surprise your mom with a system as a Mother’s Day gift, but you still might have to do a little convincing to get her to agree to having it set up.

Some common reasons that seniors resist alert systems include:

  • Not wanting to be seen as helpless or weak.
  • Thinking that the system is too difficult or complicated to use.
  • Worries over the expense.

These are all reasonable feelings. However, you can help sway your mom’s opinion by helping her shift to a different perspective. An alert system isn’t about being weak. People of all ages could benefit from having one. A system from Seacoast Security isn’t complicated at all, so she won’t have to worry about that. Our systems are also highly affordable. On top of that, avoiding serious problems by having instant access to help can save a great deal of money in medical bills.

If you’re interested in having a Mother’s Day alarm system installed in your home. Please contact Seacoast Security today. Our monitoring service can bring you the peace of mind you need and the protection your mom deserves.

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