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 Rockport, ME – July 2, 2024 – Seacoast Security, a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions, is proud to announce the recipients of their Maine Technical School Scholarship. Following a competitive selection process, Seacoast Security has awarded Hattie Bouchard and Harrison Shain with a scholarship of $1000 each in recognition of their exceptional academic achievements and commitment to technical education. 

(From Left To Right) Harrison Shain, Stephen Haynes, Hattie Bouchard. (Photo courtesy Seacoast Security, Inc.)

Seacoast Security has established the Maine Technical School Scholarship to support and inspire talented individuals pursuing technical education within Maine. The company believes that nurturing the next generation of technical professionals is crucial for community growth and prosperity. This scholarship is intended to empower deserving students and help develop a highly skilled workforce in the state.

Hattie Bouchard, who will attend Kennebec Valley Community College, and Harrison Shain, who will attend Eastern Maine Community College, have been named this year’s recipients. Stephen Haynes, Owner of Seacoast Security Inc., stated, “We are delighted to announce Hattie Bouchard and Harrison Shain as the recipients of the Maine Technical School Scholarship. Their outstanding academic records, dedication to technical excellence, and passion for their chosen fields make them exceptional candidates. We are confident that they will make the most of this scholarship to advance their education and significantly contribute to their industries. Seacoast Security is proud to support their educational journeys.”

Recognizing the financial hurdles that aspiring technical professionals often face, Seacoast Security aims to alleviate some of this burden through the Maine Technical School Scholarship. This financial assistance allows students to concentrate on their studies and career goals without undue financial stress. By investing in Hattie and Harrison’s education, Seacoast Security hopes to empower these promising individuals to realize their full potential and contribute to Maine’s technological progress.

Seacoast Security extends heartfelt congratulations to Hattie and Harrison for being selected for the Maine Technical School Scholarship. Their passion, dedication, and remarkable achievements have set them apart, and Seacoast Security believes in their potential to drive innovation and make a meaningful impact in their fields. 

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About Seacoast Security: Seacoast Security is a leading provider of comprehensive security solutions, offering alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, and more. With over 50 years of experience, Seacoast Security is committed to delivering reliable, innovative, and personalized security services to residential and commercial clients in Maine. The company takes pride in its dedication to customer satisfaction, community engagement, and the advancement of technical education.

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