Dear Customer,

We are proud to announce continued growth of our security business in 2023. Over the past 50 years, Seacoast Security has grown from a small security company, based singularly from our headquarters in West Rockport, Maine, to become Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont’s most trusted provider of residential and commercial burglar, fire, surveillance and monitoring security products and services. The company has grown from 10 employees to over 120 in our 8 branch offices to serve the needs of our 15,000+ trusting customers. The majority of our employees surpass 10 years of service, lending expertise to each branch and department that touches our customers.

“This growth has not gone without its challenges, but we are proud to report consistent growth over the past 10 years – even through a pandemic. Our team is strong, knowledgeable and dedicated to keeping our customers safe – no matter the location or the time of day.” reports owner, Stephen Haynes; “It takes constant focus and retargeting to move with the technology this business requires, and our customers demand.”

Today we announce we are partnering with a company who shares our values and commitment to customer service and safety. National Monitoring Center will be a crucial part of our team to further improve our response time during the 24 hour service provided to our customers, specifically during weather events that lead to over 3,000 alarms an hour. “When we have storms that knock out power for tens of thousands residing in the three states we serve, we need support to ensure our customers are quickly responded to and that service is dispatched when necessary.” explains owner, Scott Haynes. “Starting this month, this partnership will provide the strength needed to respond to our customers alarms faster, when you need us most.”

This partnership also allows us to add interactive text messaging services that you have been asking for.

  • Ability to chat with emergency contacts about an incident
  • Place your account on or off of test mode
  • Much more!


We are excited to share news that we are further enhancing the services you currently receive from us. With advances in technology, we are now able to process all your alarm signals faster, and more efficiently.

LIFE SAFETY:  Fire, Holdup/Panic, Burglary & Medical

Alarm activations will continue to be handled as top priorities and notifications will be made by a central station dispatcher, as they are currently being done. Notification will also include a simultaneous SMS Text to your mobile phones on file and allow your interaction to request an immediate dispatch or cancellation.

TROUBLES:  AC Loss, Low Battery, Supervisory, Late to Test 

Central Station response will now be through an automated process.

  • Commercial Fire Accounts notifications will be 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Residential Accounts notifications only between 8 am – 10 pm daily

Alarm notifications will continue to your current contacts. Text/Emails will be immediately sent to those on file along with an automated call to your current phone numbers with the type of signal and what location it is coming from, just like a dispatcher would do. The automation will be looking for an acknowledgment by pressing a designated response on your phone. Once acknowledged or all contacts have been attempted calling will stop.


Unscheduled opening and late-to-close activity will still be handled by a central station dispatcher.  Late opening and early closing activity will be handled by the automated system.


Alarm notification will be through the automated process. We acknowledge the importance of someone being notified. A text and automated voice call will go out to all your contacts currently on file.  If you or your contact receive the call, it’s important to acknowledge receipt of it by following the details in the message. Text messages will include account #, Location and signal description.  If we do not receive an acknowledgement the call will be placed on hold for another follow-up call in 30 minutes. After a sequence of calls, the alarm will be placed on hold to watch for the required restore. Should a restore not be received, another call will be made. After restore follow-up is made, account will be logged. If after service review the system is still not restored or a contact has not been notified, a letter will go out to the billing address on file.


If you currently have a special procedure set up, we will continue to process your alarm accordingly.


The other item we are streamlining will be the verification process. You will now only be asked for a password/pin # during your call; you will no longer be prompted with a question if you currently have one on file.  The password/pin # will be needed to verify you before an alarm can be aborted or to place your system on test. If you currently have a question on file, we will use the answer as the password. If you would like to make any changes to your current password/pin #, please contact the data department via email at

We are excited to share these new services, especially the one that will allow you to cancel an alarm via your phone, aiding in the prevention of nuisance alarms. Please read your newsletters and check out our website as we continue to update you with other exciting services that will become available.

Our family owned, family run business is confident that this change will only further strengthen our services to our customers, our communities, and the people Seacoast Security employs. Our branches will still be available to you, so stop on by and say hello. You’ll continue to have service from local Technicians working in a branch close to your home or business.

Thank you for the trust you place in us. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us by, email, phone at 800-654-8800 option 7 or visit the news section on our website,


Scott and Stephen Haynes


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