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Dogs and cats will frequently roam around the house when their owners aren’t home.  This can pose a problem for homeowners who protect their homes with motion detectors.  False alarms can be triggered by a pet’s movement through the house, which can be frustrating for homeowners.  For the homeowner that allows his or her cats to do as they will while everyone is out of the house, pet immune motion detectors may be a good option.

We want to point out one thing: these types of motion detectors don’t give all pets immunity.  Some systems use passive infrared “PIR,” which ignores animals up to a certain weight.  For small pets, this would be an ideal system.  Saint Bernard owners may want to try something else…

Dual technology is another option for a motion detector system.  These systems are generally more tolerant to animal-caused false alarms because they require two triggers to generate an alarm condition.  With these systems, alarms will generally ignore reasonably-sized animals and multiple small animals without triggering the system.

If this is a system that you are interested in, request a quote from Seacoast Security.  We can help you determine the best motion detector system for you and your pets.

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