Check on your home wherever you are!

Home monitoring systems allow us at Seacoast Security to keep an eye on your home.  We can alert you and the officials that an intrusion has occurred.  Even with this form of communication, our [...]

Worried your cat might trip your alarm system?

Dogs and cats will frequently roam around the house when their owners aren’t home.  This can pose a problem for homeowners who protect their homes with motion detectors.  False alarms can be [...]

What Should You Do About Scrap Metal Thieves?

Scrap metal theft is a major problem that many companies face.  Scrap metal thieves often look for copper, aluminum, brass, zinc, nickel, platinum, and bronze.  These metals are valuable when [...]

Would You Want A Pipe To Burst In Your Beautiful Home?

… We didn’t think so.  Now that winter has started showing its true colors, it’s time to think about the effects snow, ice, and cold weather have on your home.  Have you considered Low [...]

Tell A Friend About Us!

Have you told your friends about your Seacoast Security system?  Are they now considering buying their own system from Seacoast Security?  If so, you could be eligible for $50 worth of free [...]

A Message To Our Current Clients

We have many customers who have had Seacoast security systems for many years, and we’re happy they have been with us for so long!  We value every single one of our clients, and we are glad that [...]