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It’s tricky business trying to predict the exact moment when you think a home security system will be right for you. For most, they believe the time is right when they purchase a new home.  While this may be correct, there are other moments that arise that should have you considering a new or upgraded security system.

After a big move

When you move out of one place and into another, potential thieves have an opportunity to sneak peeks at all of your belongings as they are transported between the building and the vehicle. Be sure not to leave your home unprotected in the event that intruders have taken inventory.

After a big purchase

When we get new TVs, appliances or vehicles, we love to show them off to our friends and neighbors. If you’re going to show off your new equipment, make sure you also show off your new home security system. As a side tip, do not leave cardboard boxes in one piece displaying the item you just purchased. Instead, cut the box up in pieces before placing on the curb.

When you’re going on a big trip

We love to share vacation plans with our friends and family online on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, burglars can follow these status updates and have the upper hand on breaking in while you’re away. Make sure that you’re home is protected while you’re away for more peace of mind.

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