Why Fire Departments Don’t Cancel a Dispatch for a Gas Alarm

In some cases, a fire alarm can go off, and there’s no fire. Fire alarms can be unfounded or minor smoke in the home can set the fire alarm off but does not warrant the response from the fire [...]

Summer Safety Reminder

The kids are out for summer and vacations are in full force. For many, that entails camping or visiting summer homes. While most people do not experience any issues when opening their RVs or [...]

AARP Maine warns of door-to-door home security scam

Have you had a young person come to your door and tell you that a company has purchased the firm operating your home security system? It is a scam. We urge you to report all suspicious activity [...]

Have you checked batteries in your campers smoke detector?

Will you be camping in your RV or camper this weekend? Double check your smoke alarms are working and that they contain fresh batteries, or install battery-operated detectors. A 48-year-old woman [...]

Deadly CO Gas Is Silent and Sneaky – Even for a VP in the business!

I wanted to pass on a story of an event that happened to me this past month.  We were lucky thanks to my alarms. Please take a minute to read this. It might save your life too. Stephen   [...]

Make Sure Everyone, and Everything, Is Safe on Halloween

As Halloween approaches, you want to protect your home and businesses from annual pranksters. You also want to ensure that children going door to door will not be at risk of any type of injury. [...]

Keys for Latchkey Kid Safety

Keeping kids safe is top priority. Not all parents have the luxury of adjusting their work schedules around their children’s school schedules, though. Latchkey kids are home alone after school [...]

The Safe Way to Protect Your Valuables

We all have valuables that we want to keep under lock and key, but what’s the best way to keep everything safe? As the name implies, a home safe is a reliable option for keeping certain things [...]

Basic Home Security: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are two security devices often overlooked by homeowners. Learn how to prevent tragedy with these life-saving tips for choosing, installing and [...]

Keeping your home safe when hiring a pet sitter

If you’re planning a vacation, it may not be possible for you to bring your pet along with you. This is where you’ll likely find yourself looking for a trustworthy pet sitter. Whether you’re [...]

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