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While the weather may be unpredictable in New England, there are some things we can prepare for as the seasons change.

One of these changes that we know will always happen around the same time of year is the time change. Each spring and fall we adjust our clocks accordingly with the changing daylight. In the fall we know that once we set the clocks back it will start getting dark before many of us are even home from work.

We tend to feel safer in well-lit areas and this is for good reason. With the sun going down earlier, home invaders and vandals have more opportunities to creep around neighborhoods in search of homes that have not been secured. Additionally, the lack of light makes it easier for burglars to hide in and around your home.

What can you do to keep your home safe during the shorter days?

Install outdoor lights and motion sensors for the outside of your home, these will help keep vandals at bay by sheading light on your property. Setting your interior lights to timers is another great way to battle the darkness by brightening your home.

Consider having a home security system installed. Home security systems not only provide you peace of mind, they can also protect you and your family in the event your home or business is targeted.

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