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A bouquet of flowers and a box of candy are nice gifts for Mother’s Day, but after the flowers wilt and the candy is eaten, the gifts are just a memory. Moms deserve a gift that lasts, and what could be better than the gift of safety and security? Here are four reasons a home security system makes a great alternative to traditional Mother’s Day presents.

Moms are Busy People

Whether she has one child or six, babies or school-aged children, a mother with children at home has a lot to worry about. Making sure everyone is fed, the laundry is done, play-dates are met, and fitting in a little time for herself can be overwhelming. Giving her peace of mind is one of the best Mother’s Day presents she could ask for. A home security system will let her know the kids are safe, even when she’s slipped away for a soak in the tub. With arming keypads, she can customize her settings to be alerted while she’s busy with other things.

Moms are Mobile

Moms don’t stay at home all the time, even if they don’t work outside of the home. Whether it’s off to the grocery store or putting in a full day at work, moms need to know that everything is going well at home. With her hands always full, the ability to arm or disarm a security system from her smart phone or tablet can save her time and keep her home safe. But security is more than just deterring theft; security is knowing that everyone is safe when Mom is on the go. Home security systems with remote viewing options can let Mom check in on baby when the sitter is there, or make sure the teenagers aren’t throwing a raucous party.

Moms Grow Up, Too

After the children have grown up and the nest is empty, moms still need to feel safe and secure in their homes. Adult children feel better when they know Mom is safe, too. A home security system can do more than help Mom remember to lock the door. With a medical alert feature, if Mom slips and falls or simply doesn’t feel well, she can quickly have help on the way. That’s a gift that any mother would love.

Moms Like to Have Options

Security systems can provide more than just a door alarm by offering additional features such as fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and detection devices that alert her when the furnace has broken or the bathroom has flooded. Mom won’t have to climb on the ladder to check the batteries in the smoke alarm, and she won’t lose her favorite chair to water damage if the house floods when she has a home security system installed.

Home security systems may not be a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but these four reasons show why they make a great alternative. Here’s to a lifetime of Happy Mother’s Days!

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